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The project relates to our perception and awareness of the passing of time, I developed the technique over a period of 18 months and spent six months visiting the site up to 3 times a day to photograph it. The images are constructed within a 5×4 camera, captured over extended periods of time, using a series of multiple exposures, ranging from seconds to hours. Each picture is therefore an amalgam of realities, each layer blending with the other to form the final image. The location used within the work, is a place I visit to think, for inspiration or to escape the world for a while.
In No Time is a reference to the phrase  “In no time at all”.

tony ellwood int034.jpg
tony ellwood int011.jpg
tony ellwood int012.jpg
tony ellwood int009.1.jpg
tony ellwood int025.jpg
tony ellwood int037.1.jpg
tony ellwood int002.jpg
tony ellwood int004.jpg
tony ellwood int026.jpg
tony ellwood int015.1.jpg
tony ellwood int018-3.jpg
tony ellwood int007.jpg
tony ellwood int013.1.jpg
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